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Leeks and potatoes cream with 'Formai tal cit' fondue with Friulan black truffle

Difficulty: Medium Doses:

For the fondue:

Formai "Tal cit" (ancient cheese from the Pordenone Valleys),

50 g. Friulian Truffle

Butter to taste,

Cream to taste,

Milk to taste,

Grated Parmesan and Pecorino cheese.

For the cream:




The recipe is the set of 2 preparation processes. One is for fondue and another is dedicated to cream production. 

As far as fondue is concerned, it is the combination of ingredients ranging from Friulian Truffle to ingredients such as butter, cream and milk. As for the cream, it is the combination of 2 types of ingredients that are potatoes and leeks.

The combination of ingredients is intended to ensure, to the person who tastes the recipe, an authentic experience, thanks to the diversity of its products.

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