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De gusto and well-being - Outdoor training

During the summer, it is optimal for our health to take advantage of the fine weather for outdoor training sessions, better known as outdoor activities.  The outdoor activities par excellence are undoubtedly walking and running, but in recent years, various activities have developed, such as yoga and tai-chi in parks and free-body training in functional training areas.  These activities often take place in the middle of nature, away from the hustle and bustle and smog of the city, which is why people are more willing to exercise outdoors than in the gym - why is that? The outdo[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - Potassium allied to the heart

In addition to vitamins, minerals are also essential in regulating the  biological functions. They are present in trace amounts in cells, tissues and body fluids and are  indispensable for the maintenance of life.  Although they do not provide energy in the form of calories (like carbohydrates, proteins and lipids), mineral salts  are essential for the proper functioning of numerous physiological and biochemical processes. They are  classified into two main categories: macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, depending on the quantities  required. Potassium i[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - Healthy snacks for children

More and more often, due to the daily hustle and bustle, parents tend to pay little attention to their children's snacks, opting for pre-packaged snacks that are high in sugar and fat.  Snacks, on the other hand, should be a healthy and balanced option to encourage our children not to skip this meal.  our children not to skip this meal and should therefore be tasty, wholesome, preferably fresh and with seasonal products.  Fresh and with seasonal products, practical and easy to transport, quick to prepare, varied in its proposals and different food categories.&[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - Nutrition to combat heat and improve hydration

With the hope that soon the rains will leave us in the warm sunshine of the summer months, here are some tips to prepare the body for summer and high temperatures. Proper hydration and water-rich foods are the allies to fight the high temperatures. In summer, one of the main factors that can cause fluid loss in the body is sweating. It is therefore necessary to maintain an adequate hydro-electrolyte balance and integrate the right nutrients in the body by hydrating properly, taking in magnesium and potassium and avoiding an unhealthy and unbalanced diet. an unregu[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - Trails and Walks

What is the easiest and most functional activity we can do to stay healthy? Walking! Walking is a moderate-intensity aerobic activity that is considered one of the best activities for adults and the elderly due to the numerous benefits it generates within the body:  - At the cardio-vascular level, it reduces high blood pressure and the occurrence of cardiac diseases such as ischaemia and heart attacks - Combats the most frequent metabolic disorders such as overweight and obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes I and II - Enables better function of the respiratory system by pr[Segue]

De gusto and well-being -Let's protect the environment starting with our choices at the table

"Food is one of the means by which man and the environment come into contact with each other; if the product is consumed in a responsible and sustainable manner it is able to preserve both" World Eating Disorders Action Day, 2020. Eating can also be an ecological act. A healthy and sustainable diet depends on the choices. We make every day and what we decide to put on our plates can affect water and soil  on water and soil pollution, deforestation and the use of water reserves. Changing our habits to safeguard our Earth's resources allows us to do good for ourse[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - Vitamin D where to find it

Vitamin D belongs to the group of fat-soluble vitamins, along with vitamins E, A, K, and these are organic substances that are essential for growth and proper regulation of the body's vital activities. Vitamin D, in particular, contributes to: to the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus to the regulation of bone mineralization to the development and maintenance of brain function to the decrease in inflammatory states The arrival of warm weather is an ideal time to “stock up” on vitamin D, in fact, sun exposure is the main source of its production [Segue]

De gusto and well-being - Silenus grass (Sclopit) - Superhero bruschetta

Sileno grass (Silene vulgaris), called Sclopit in the Friuli tradition, and in other regions by the most disparate names such as Strigoli, Stridoli, Bubbolini, Erba del cucco, Schioppetti, Spizzoli, Sonaglini, Carletti, Cannatedda, is a small (up to 60-70 cm high and reaching a maximum of 1 m) perennial, glabrous plant. The flowers of this plant, called 'bubbolini', are a favourite toy of children, who love to burst them when walking along meadows. Considering the nutritional values, it is characterised by a good amount of vitamin c, especially if eaten raw, compared to the herbs, a qu[Segue]

De gusto e benessere - Why follow an antioxidant diet? And how to do it?

Numerous metabolic reactions take place in the human body during which free radicals are formed, unstable molecules that contain one or more stray electrons and are responsible for oxidative stress. In addition to endogenous factors, there are also exogenous factors, mainly environmental, such as stress, smoking, alcohol and exposure to ultraviolet radiation that can produce free radicals. These can accelerate cellular ageing processes, activate inflammatory processes, have carcinogenic effects, promote atherosclerosis and the decay of the immune system. To counteract their action and preve[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - Purify with training

Seasonal changes make us want to change and invest our free time in activities dedicated to mental and physical well-being. This happens especially with the arrival of spring and summer: we feel the need to "unplug" from the work and mental load that characterizes our often hectic daily lives, which leave neither space nor time for self-care. Consequently, these are the most quoted months to "detox" and cleanse the body of what is not essential to health. "Detox" periods are structured to change our habits, eliminate substances that are toxic to our bodies and reg[Segue]