The treasure of every land is the history of its products


De gusto and well-being - The Snowshoe walk

Given last week's recent and long-awaited snowfall, let's talk about a winter sport activity that has been attracting more and more enthusiasts in recent years: snowshoeing. Snowshoes or snowshoes are a tool consisting of an aluminum or plastic frame with a wide, rounded shape; they are attached to mountain boots and, due to their shape, increase the surface area walked on and thus buoyancy, thus allowing us to walk safely even in conditions where normal footwear would cause us to sink into the snow. As in Nordic walking, two rather long poles are also used, which allow for stren[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - INULIN: nourishment for our intestinal microbiota

Hundreds of bacterial species coexist in the gut, forming the intestinal MICROBIOTA. They characterise each individual like a fingerprint and are essential for performing functions such as digestion, vitamin synthesis and protection from pathogens. Stress, travel, smoking, infections, changes in eating habits and the use of drugs can alter the composition of our microbiota. A microbiota that is out of balance, in DISBIOSIS, can condition the onset or aggravation of more or less serious disorders and diseases including: chronic inflammatory bowel disease, irritable colon, coeliac disease, chr[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - What to eat for breakfast

The term "breakfast" refers to the first meal of the morning, i.e. the meal following the night fast. By many, it is actually not even considered a real meal: some people get up at the last minute, drink a quick coffee and leave the house without eating anything. The importance of a good breakfast is determined by the fact that it has the task of providing us with the energy to start our daily activities moreover, it seems to be correlated with better metabolic parameters, in particular those related to cardiovascular risk, and greater glucose tolerance, for these reasons it n[Segue]

De gusto and well-being - The countless properties of Celeriac

Celeriac (Scientific name: Apium Graveolens) is a vegetable belonging to the Umbelliferae or Apiaceae family; vegetables such as carrot, celery, fennel and dill belong to this group. It a vegetable that in our latitudes is planted in spring and harvested between autumn and winter. In the culinary sphere, the root is mainly used of this plant: it has a typical round, knobby shape, brown in color, with a very fragrant white paste inside. The benefits in nutrition are many. First of all, it is very rich in water, almost 90 percent; in addition, 100 gr of the root provides about 50 percent o[Segue]

Regional Competition SALAMI FVG 2024 - 1st Edition

For the first time in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the undisputed homeland of Salami, San Daniele ham and Frico, there will be a competition dedicated to homemade salami. "The ONAS Friuli Venezia Giulia delegation will present the first edition of the Competition for the "SALAMI FVG 2024" award to be given to the best minced meat products made in the territory. March 16, 2024 - Trieste The review aims to: enhance one of the most identifiable products of regional charcuterie and that best interpret the tradition, history and characteristics of the territory; foste[Segue]

De gusto and well-being – We know our experts

As of today, 2 February 2024, the “De gusto and well-being” column by the "Centro Nutrizione funzionale Evoluta e Trainergia" in Udine will start. A collaboration that was created with the aim of giving our readers easy-to-implement practical advice aimed at personal well-being. The Evoluta Functional Nutrition Centre is a centre created by Dr Giusto Cristina, a nutritionist biologist and expert in sports nutrition and functional medicine. Trainergia, founded by Gioia Girardi, a doctor in Motor Sciences, is a training studio that focuses on the individual [Segue]

Gambero Rosso's 3 cones at Udine's Timballo ice cream shop

At SIGEP 2024, which is coming to an end these days, Gambero Rosso presented the 2024 guide of Italy's gelato shops. Ice cream a food that besides being nutritional, gives joy and happiness to those who eat it. A product that driven by passion, tradition and now also innovation, is taking more and more market share. Today, ice cream, is not only enjoyed in the summer, but is enjoyed all year round. High-quality products, used by master ice cream makers have made ice cream an increasingly appealing food for young and old alike. Among the 70 ice cream shops awarded top marks is Gelater[Segue]

The guide: Vini d'Italia by Gambero Rosso, crowns two white wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia

Let's find out who are the wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia that have been awarded Gambero Rosso's Tre Bicchieri 2024. Friuli Venezia Giulia has always been a land of great white wines, produced thanks to a peculiarity, Ponca. The characteristic of this soil is the succession of marls and sandstones that creates a perfect machine to regulate the water availability of the plant. An excellent natural system, draining water, which passing through the hard layer of sandstone allows the passage of the right amount of water for the plant. Although most of the awarded wines encountered [Segue]

Gloria Clama the Carnic Chef's hat trick

Gloria Clama, chef of the class of 1978, is a tenacious and precise woman who decided to embark on the Masterchef adventure. That adventure gave her the opportunity to fulfill her dream, to open a restaurant "Indiniò" And it is there, in the restaurant in Raveo immersed in nature, that every day dishes are born that are a true tribute to Carnia and its forests: smoked meats, milk lichen and honey, spruce granita, are some examples of a cooking philosophy that aims at a balance between flavors. Among the declinations of her passion for cooking is a love of books on the[Segue]

Il Picolit

"Picolit" is a completely new product that established itself exactly at the time of crisis in traditional supplies. Fabio Asquini did not succeed in eliminating the counterfeits against which he uselessly fought. However, various "Picolit" however and by whomever produced were sold everywhere at a high price, and this greatly favored Asquini, who set a price for his product 37 times higher than that of ordinary wine. Italian nobles serving at the various European courts gladly served "Picolit" at their tables and thus became not entirely unwittingly a kind of com[Segue]