The treasure of every land is the history of its products

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At the centre of our activities are the opportunities for meeting people, understood as moments of leisure but also as constructive relationships. In the various scenarios, the interaction between the public and the producers contributes not only to promoting local products, but also to fostering their knowledge and understanding their culture, of which they are a significant expression.

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There are no ongoing events, we are planning the activity for 2021.

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The food and wine events realized by De gusto, in collaboration with Institutional Partners and local Companies. 

De gusto 2021 - Fair of the Enogastronomic Crafts of the Territory 15 Oct 2021, h: 15:00 17 Oct 2021, h: 23:00 34074 Monfalcone (Go) Free event
De gusto 2020 - Fair of the Gastronomic Crafts of the Territory 2 Oct 2020, h: 10:00 4 Oct 2020, h: 19:30 34072 Gradisca d'Isonzo (Udine) Free event