The treasure of every land is the history of its products

The treasure of a land
is the history of its products

On this platform you can discover the typical regional agri-food products. A journey through the history, culture and traditions of their territory.

De gusto products/e-Shop

In promoting the agri-food products of the territory, De gusto highlights their characteristics, but also illustrates their deep connection with the culture of the place, because every fruit of the earth is the result of traditions, even centuries-old, and every flavour derives from the daily work of those who know and always choose the best. Appreciating a product is a matter of time: time spent by those who have made it grow and those who wants to know it. 

De gusto's e-Shop will soon be active, where you will be able to buy agri-food products directly from the producer.



Most popular products
Fish and shellfish

Pedocio de Trieste (Mussel)


Formadi Frant

Pasta, bread and pastry products


Vegetable products

White asparagus




Apple juice


Balsamic sauce

The recipes in De gusto

The flavours of good food come from a centuries-old experience: many hands have been able to shape the different flavours and transmit them through generations, making them unique and special over time. The recipes chosen by De gusto are typical since they use natural products and reflect the culture of the area.


"Stuffed pumpkin flowers"

Most popular recipes

Baked scallops

Main meat courses

Meatballs with sauce


Anchovies au gratin


Frico with onion

First courses

Risotto with pumpkin



The itineraries in DegustinBus

An itinerant tasting, in which sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch come together to describe an extraordinary experience in DegustinBus among the production activities and the naturalistic and artistic beauties of the territory.

The events in De gusto

At the centre of our activities are the opportunities for meeting people, understood as moments of leisure but also as constructive relationships. In the various scenarios, the interaction between the public and the producers contributes not only to promoting local products, but also to fostering their knowledge and understanding their culture, of which they are a significant.


De gusto in Dolcinfesta 2022
May 14th-15th
Piazza della Repubblica in Monfalcone

The companies in De gusto

De gusto offers producers the opportunity to promote their activities, thus enhancing their presence in the area and highlighting their sector and peculiarity, which are a guarantee of success for every true entrepreneur. De gusto explores the ancestral passion for the land and the desire to see the genuineness of its products recognized today.