The treasure of every land is the history of its products

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From marc to grappa - 03

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3 Oct 2020, h: 18:00 - 3 Oct 2020, h: 19:00

How is grappa born, the best known Italian distillate in the world?

A short story of how producers, using stills, create young, aged grappas, fruit spirits or other distillates appreciated for their aromas, aromas and quality. For tasting 4 grappas from our region.

By the ANAG FVG Association

Reservations required, maximum 30 seats


ANAG is a national association of tasters ( which trains competent people and promotes knowledge of grappa.
The activity carried out by the ANAG members in Friuli Venezia Giulia is centered on the organization of courses, theme nights, visits to distilleries and events such as fire dinners and tasting evenings. Information available at
The association is very committed to being present at regional fairs or events: Friuli Doc, Barcolana, Gusti di Frontiera, Farra Wine Festival, Calici di Stelle, Cooking. Furthermore, the collaboration with local or local businesses such as Maritani, Villa Nachini, Bunker, Adelia di Fant, .. allows the organization of high-level tasting evenings, in combination with desserts, cigars, chocolate, cocktails and more.
ANAG is well known to all the distillers with which it maintains close relationships. In the national Alambicco d'Oro competition organized annually, grappas and spirits are judged: hundreds of spirits participate in order to obtain medals as recognition of quality and prestige.

The organization of ANAG events extends to the tasting of international spirits such as Rhum, Whiskey, Cognac, ... to satisfy the requests of the many members involved in other associations and an expanding market.

ANAG always pays the utmost attention to offering only quality products and to teaching the public the value of local products, while respecting conscious drinking.

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