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Zero Mileage Tourists - The Taste of Knowledge. Tour in 3 stages!


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14 May 2022, h: 15:00 - 14 May 2022, h: 19:00 - Free event

Tour in 3 stages organized by Consorzio Culturale del Monfalconese/Ecomuseo Territori in collaboration with Museo della Cantieristica di Monfalcone and De gusto.

1st stage at 3.00 p.m. Casa delle Associazioni, via Marconi, 1 Pieris (San Canzian d'Is.)
visit to the exhibition "Un dolce da re". The true history of Tiramisu" conducted by Cesare Zorzin (duration expected max 1 hour);

2nd Pair at 4.30 p.m. Museo della Cantieristica Via Del Mercato, 3 Monfalcone
visit to discover the MuCa (duration expected max 1 hour);

3th Pair at 6.00 p.m. Piazza della Repubblica in Monfalcone
Show Cooking and tasting of Tirime su - Coppa Vetturino™ - Speaker: Flavia Cosolo and Davide Iannis.  (expected duration max 1 hour);

... and then all in Piazza with "Dolci in festa. The living room of delights".

A dessert like a king! The true history of Tiramisu - Tiramisu, the most famous dessert in the world, was born in Friuli Venezia Giulia, originally made in two well-documented variations in the respective towns of Pieris and Tolmezzo.
Flavia Cosolo will tell you the story of the original recipe, created by Mario Cosolo in the mid-30s of the twentieth century, which from the royal yacht Savoia arrives up to our tables you can enjoy with us the Tirime su - Coppa Vetturino™ the dessert of Venezia Giulia.

MuCa - Discover with us the history of the Monfalcone shipyard, the production district and the people who worked and lived there.

Free guided tour with compulsory reservation max 30 people. Transfer by own means.

Product tasting
Pasta, bread and pastry products


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