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Spaghetti Pumpkin

Friuli-Venezia Giulia Local product

The Spaghetti Pumpkin is a very particular and unique type of pumpkin to eat, with a taste and texture completely different from the usual pumpkins. It has an oblong shape with a weight varying between 1,5 kg. and 2,5 kg. with a very thin yellow skin and with a neutral taste. Its flesh inside is light yellow and has the particularity that after cooking (about 30 minutes in the oven), its pulp, after being collected with the rembi of a fork is frayed, assuming the typical shape and consistency of the spaghetti. With this neutral flavor, the Spaghetti Pumpkin is well suited to many different dishes. Rich in carotene and mineral salts, with only 100 gr. of this product, it is possible to cover the daily requirement of vitamin A. Pumpkin also solves some intestinal problems and thanks to the fibers contained in the vegetable you reduce the problems related to constipation and colitis.

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