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Apples au gratin on black bread

Difficulty: Medium Doses: for 4 people

3 apples,

the juice of 1 lemon,

1 dl apple juice,

1 dl of white wine,


20 g of pudding powder,

1 tablespoon vanilla powder,

5 cloves,

50 g of raisins,

12 slices of black bread,

50 g of chopped nuts.

To decorate:

1 dl of cream,

1 dl of milk,

2 tablespoons of sugar,

½ spoonful of vanilla powder,

powdered sugar as needed.


From the Austrian cuisine, close to our traditions and history, comes a recipe that uses typical products of our area, such as apples, flavored with cloves and white wine, and rye flour, used for the so-called "black bread", in great revival also by us, able to create a delicate combination of flavors.

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