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Brkinska palacinca

Difficulty: Medium Doses: for 4 people

For the dough:

4 eggs,

200 g of flour,

80 g vanilla sugar,

80 ml of seed oil,

400 ml of milk,

8 ml of rum.


For the filling:

280 g of plum jam.


For the syrup:

400 ml of apple juice,

80 g of sugar,

80 ml of "Slivovica" grappa,

200 g of prunes.


For the decoration:

20 g powdered sugar,

20 g of chocolate syrup,

200 g of prunes.


Omelettes a little bigger than crêpes, whose name comes from the Hungarian palacsinta. According to some the origin would be much older: the word would come from the Latin placentula that after travelling in Romania (placenta), Austria (palatschinken) and Croatia (palacinka) would also have reached Trieste. Palacinca indeed.

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