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Cream cooked to the nocino

Difficulty: Medium Doses: for 4 people

450 g of fresh cream,

45 g of sugar,

2 sheets of fish glue,

45 g of walnut liqueur.


For the waffles:

50 g softened butter at room temperature,

50 g powdered sugar,

50 g of flour,

20 g egg white,

1 tablespoon of ground star anise,

1 tablespoon of fresh pistachios.


Ancient and "magical", the nocino is at home in almost all families. It is prepared with the nuts still green, harvested in the night of San Giovanni, in the so-called "balsamic moment", barefoot and by female hands. The green husk is fragrant and the fabric is rich in sap and essential oils: it must be cut with a wooden blade.

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