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Orange 'surprise' and tarragon

Difficulty: Hard Doses: for 4 people

For the sorbet:

500 g orange juice,

50 g of sugar,

50 g of alcohol at 90°,

a few twigs of tarragon.

For the tart:

shortcrust pastry for a 26 cm cake tin,

900 g fresh ricotta cheese,

100 g of orange honey,

3 tablespoons of semolina,

3 eggs,

1 tablespoon orange juice,

100 g of candied orange,

3 oranges.

For the crèpe:

1 egg,

10 g of butter,

120 g of milk,

the peel of half an orange.


In the different sorbet variants the use of tarragon is rather common in the areas where this plant is easier to find. Of the aromatic herb tarragon, also called estragon, are utilized the leaves having an aroma similar to anise. Combined with orange give the sorbet a special delicacy of taste very appreciable.

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