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Saraghi in crazy water

Recipe by Marco Arrigoni
Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Difficulty: Easy Doses: For 4 people

4 Saraghi not very large,

10 cherry tomatoes,

2 small Ribis and Godia potatoes,

1 clove of Resia garlic,

a handful of Tagiasche olives,

extra virgin olive Tergeste Oil,

1/2 glass of white wine Friulano Friuli Isonzo,

salt and pepper to taste.


The Sargo is a fish belonging to the Sparidae family. It is found in the seas of the Mediterranean Sea in different varieties, not all of them valuable. The recipe for Saraghi in acqua pazza is very simple and excellent, to be prepared as a second course of fish for a dinner with friends. The scent of the sea meets the flavors of the earth.

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