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Friulian Lime tree honey

Friuli-Venezia Giulia P.A.T. Product

It mainly derives from the nectar of two spontaneous trees found in the region, namely the Wild Lime tree (Tilia cordata) and the Local Lime tree (Tilia plathyphyllos), belonging to the Malvaceae family.

It is a liquid honey, but with time (a few months after harvesting) it tends to crystallise forming fine to large and irregular crystals, with a creamy consistency and an amber or light amber colour, often with yellow-green reflections. The colour of the crystallised honey ranges from ivory to beige; in the presence of small quantities of lime honeydew, the colour is dark amber.

The aroma, very characteristic, is of medium-strong intensity; it has balsamic tones of menthol, camphor and resin; it is reminiscent of the scent of lime blossom tea and has a normally sweet flavour, with slightly acid and bitter tones.

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