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Knurled, Maruzza or Corrugata Snail

Friuli-Venezia Giulia Local product

Among the many varieties of snails, one of the most common is the Helix Adspersa, also called Knurled, Maruzza or Corrugata. It consists of a brownish shell, while the mollusc tends to dark green. They can be bred, subdividing the soil in several fenced areas, some destined for the reproduction, others for the fattening. Inside the enclosures are sown various herbs, such as nettle, burdock, plantain, lettuce, chicory. Before hibernation, they eat more substantial foods, such as pumpkins.

«These gastronomic snails are reared entirely in open field. A product with a very low environmental impact and high organoleptic qualities. The environment in which they live fully reflects their natural environment and the diet is only vegetal. The product is available fresh already purged, frozen to boil or in brine already boiled» (Dott.ssa Consuelo Bravin - CheLumaca!).

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