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Snails 'à la Bourgogne'

Taken from: Gianni Avagnina, 'Principi di Elicoltura', Edagricole, Second edition year 1980.
Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Difficulty: Hard Doses: for 4 people

24 large snails sealed in their shells,

75 g very fresh butter,

2 onions,

1 shallot,

2 cloves of garlic,


1 celery stalk with leaves,

1 carrot,

bay leaves,

½ litre of dry white wine,


white wine vinegar,

sodium bicarbonate, 




The snail ceases to be modest when it enters the kitchen: the culinary tradition of the mollusc consists in fact of an endless series of recipes, preparations and uses, ranging from the simple consumption of boiled mollusc, to the most sought after and flashy preparations. The most famous, the most popular, the most choreographic and some say the best, is certainly the preparation 'à la Bourgogne' or 'à la Bourguignonne'.

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