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Boiled turbot

Difficulty: Easy Doses: for 4 people

4 ready-made turbot fillets weighing approximately 1,200 kg overall,

40 g of butter,

2 tablespoons chopped parsley,

1 glass of white wine,

3 tablespoons olive oil,



For the sauce:

400 g of potatoes,

2 onions,

1 tablespoon of flour,

100 g of cooking cream,

30 g of butter,

2 tablespoons of oil,




It is said that bad cooking takes the same time as good cooking: this maxim can also be applied to this recipe, which can only appear obvious and trivial. A suitable oven pan, the water brought to a boil and then removed from the fire, the immersion of a fresh sea fish create a "unique" dish of high level.

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