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Tagliatelle of squid, shrimp, Rosa and passion fruit

Difficulty: Easy Doses: for 4 people

1 kg fresh eviscerated and cleaned squid,

200 g Rosa dell'Isonzo®

16 red prawns (cleaned from the carapace, removing the black wire from the tail),

black salt,


extra virgin olive oil as needed,

lime peel,

passion fruit,

laurel as needed.


A tasty recipe to prepare for a lunch or dinner with friends. A dish able to amaze the diners and give them an explosion of aromas and tastes of the territory. The combination with Squid of Saccaleva, a high quality local product, and Rosa dell'Isonzo® meet in a dish with intense flavors and aromas.  A second to enjoy with a good glass of Malvasia del Carso.

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