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Cros (Frogs) fried

Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Difficulty: Hard Doses: For 4 people

20 Cros (Frogs),

100 g. of Breadstick of Resiutta,

50 g flour 00,

1 egg,

salt and pepper to taste,

sunflower seed oil for frying.


Cros (Frogs) meats are tasty, with a taste very similar to fish or chicken. Its meats are of excellent digestibility, usually the thighs are consumed. Frogs are very appreciated fried, but you can also enjoy them in guazzetto or risotto. Frog meat is very rich in protein and for this reason considered in the past, excellent in times of war or after-war. Today, from a poor dish, it has become a gourmet dish. 

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