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Friulian pearl white corn

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It is a medium-late variety, with a duration of the cultivation cycle of about 120 days, which can vary according to the soil climatic characteristics of the location as well as the time of sowing. The plant reaches a height of 2.0-2.4 metres in traditional cultivation conditions but can exceed these values depending on the fertility of the soil, as well as on the use of nitrogen fertilisation and possible irrigation.

Each plant carries an ear positioned rather high, and rarely two complete ears are observed on the same plant. The ear has an almost cylindrical shape, with a length of about 18-24cm, with 12 (sometimes 14) rows of seeds (kernels). The seed is quite large, pearly white, bright, with a semi-vitreous fracture, while the cob is white. The variety is well suited to organic cultivation and the yields, which are significantly lower than those of modern hybrids, are approximately 30-50 quintals of grain per hectare.

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