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Crunchy liver with apples

Difficulty: Hard Doses: for 4 people

1 "foie gras" weighing 500 to 600 g,

1 glass of corn flour for polenta,

6 small apples,

6 spoonfuls of apple schnapps,

1 head of curly endive,

1 head of red radicchio,

80 g of butter,

100 g of sugar,

1 glass of traditional balsamic vinegar,

2 sheets of fish glue,




The apple has always been a common thread in the history of Central European nutrition. The Friulian term "pomis" (more similar to the French word "Pomme" than to the Latin "malum" from which apple comes) refers to both apples and fruit in general. At the revaluation stage the rusty apples, almost disappeared from the fruit and vegetable stalls.

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