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Bread gnocchi with sauce

Difficulty: Medium Doses: for 4 people

For the gnocchi:

200 g of stale bread,

50 g grated Parmesan cheese,

30 g of white flour,

1 egg,

3 glasses of milk,

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,

1 sprig of chopped parsley,


black pepper,



For the sauce:

400 g canned tomatoes,

80 g of onions,

50 g of carrots,

70 g smoked bacon,

30 g of butter,

30 g celery coast,

1 sprig of chopped parsley,



In addition to Trentino, only Carnia and the Julian area keep alive the tradition of bread gnocchi, of direct Austrian and Central European descent. The dish was undoubtedly born from a creative reuse of stale bread. A plate of bread gnocchi with sauce not only ennobles "the leftovers" but is also a real joy of the table.

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