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Chard jota

Difficulty: Easy Doses: For 4 people

500 g of chard,

100 g of dried borlotti beans,

½ litre of milk,

½ litre of water,

30 g of butter,

30 g maize flour,

30 g of type 00 flour,




“Simpri jote, simpri jote e mai polente e lat, simpri jèrbis, simpri jerbis e mai un biel fantàt” (Always jota, always jota and never polenta and milk, always herbs, always herbs and never a handsome boy) recite the verses of an ancient song. The recipe proposed is one of the variants of the classic Jota, whose basic ingredients are crauti and beans. Carnic Jota is halfway between a soup and a farinata and does not provide for the addition of pasta or rice.

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