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Vegetable soup

Difficulty: Easy Doses: for 4 people

1 bunch of herbs,

3 courgettes,

3 carrots,

1 onion,

1 stalk of celery,

300 g frozen or fresh green beans,

100 g frozen or fresh peas,

1 leek,

1 ripe tomato,

4 tablespoons olive oil,

1 sprig of parsley,

4 leaves of basil,

4 tablespoons vegetable broth,



100 g of grated Parmesan cheese.


A classic first course of every Italian region, more or less dense, rich in nutrients, always prepared with vegetables that the garden offers second season. Very important is the choice of the quality of the raw material that must be absolutely fresh and first choice. Every regional cuisine enriches it with the favorite "smells".

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