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Friulian fir honeydew honey

Friuli-Venezia Giulia P.A.T. Product

The Friulian fir honeydew honey derives mainly from the honeydew produced by phytomyza insects (mostly aphids of the Cinara genus and mealybugs of the Physokermes genus), which feed on European spruce (Picea abies) and/or silver fir (Abies alba). It is very viscous and remains liquid for a long time. It rarely crystallises and has a colour ranging from dark to very dark amber, sometimes with reddish reflections (when it derives mainly from honeydew collected on European spruce) or greenish (when it derives mainly from honeydew collected on silver fir). The aroma, rather strong, is balsamic, resinous, smoky, reminiscent of extinguished fireplace, with tones of caramel and cooked dessert. The taste is rather resinous, recalling malt, and sometimes slightly bitter. In the mouth, it is not very sweet.

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