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Pêr Martìn pear

P.A.T. Product Slow food product

Vigorous plant with semi-upright growth in the juvenile phase. In the adult and senescence stages, however, the crown becomes globular with inclined branches. It is a variety very slow to go into production, but with a very long life. Mature plants reach considerable heights and remarkable trunk diameters (up to 60cm).

The underside of the leaves and the axes of the buds show a very evident white pilosity when budding, indicating that this variety could belong to the Pyrus nivalis species. Flowers are gathered in corymbs, with numerous stamens and large bright red anthers. The fruit, small in size (approx. 80g), has a spheroidal shape, flattened towards the calyx, a long, straight or slightly curved peduncle, inserted vertically or slightly oblique on the fruit.

The skin is first greenish and then, after the bletting (fruit ripening process that causes the pulp to brown), leather brown.

The pulp, first whitish, with a high consistency and tannic/astringent flavour, becomes brown, soft and sweet after the bletting.



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