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Mussels with pizzaiola

Difficulty: Easy Doses: for 4 people

1 kg of shelled mussels,

300 g of ripe tomatoes,

100 g of stale homemade bread (better if whole-grain bread),

½ glass of white wine,

10 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,

2 cloves of garlic,

1 pinch of oregano,

3 fresh basil leaves,




Black mussels (pedoci) and arsellae (caperozoli) are the most known and widespread bivalves along the coast, since the shoreline. For years they have been cultivated in the Gulf of Trieste with a floating system that guarantees the quality of the product. The mussel in the kitchen triumphs for its "rusticity". The simplest recipe is "a la scotadeo" with possible impepata at the end of cooking.

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