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Tuna skewers with artichokes

Difficulty: Hard Doses: for 4 people

800 g of tuna cut into medallions of about 2 cm thickness,

4 violet artichokes,

½ glass of extra virgin olive oil,

100 g of Treviso radicchio,

4 cloves of garlic,

½ fruit of the lemon,




For the sauce:

4 blood oranges,

1 lemon,

½ glass of extra virgin olive oil.


Typical outline of the spring and Easter table, the artichoke, which comes from the wild thistle thanks to the patient work of botanists and horticulturists, is a vegetable with precious virtues thanks to the content of cinnamon that favors biliary secretion and diuresis (but the active ingredient loses most of its effects after cooking).

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