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Pasty with asparagus

Difficulty: Hard Doses: for 4 people

200 g of fresh egg pasta,

300 g fresh white asparagus,

200 g shelled fresh peas,

300 g sclopìt (Silene inflata),

½ litre of milk,

80 g of type 00 flour,

100 g of butter,

200 g of fresh cream,



white pepper,

2 shallots,

5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,

200 g of grated cheese.


A plant native to Asia, asparagus was already known as a spontaneous plant in the time of the Egyptians. Its season begins at the end of March and continues until May, June: to prepare them boiled, it is better to choose the big ones, while for mixed preparations, as in this recipe, the thinner ones are preferable.

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