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Fagagna cheese

Friuli-Venezia Giulia P.A.T. Product

It is a semi-hard cheese made with partially skimmed milk. It has a cylindrical shape with a straight edge and flat faces, about 8cm high and an average diameter of about 25-30cm. It has a smooth and fairly regular rind and is straw-coloured, with a light ‘partridge eye’ inner texture.

It is distinguished from similar cheeses produced in other locations by its different market classifications, made according to its maturation stage: “fresh” cheese (aged for at least 60 days), “medium” cheese (aged for at least 6 months) and “old” cheese (marketed no earlier than 12 months after cheesemaking), characterised by a pleasant and sweet taste in the “fresh” version and by an increasingly pronounced “spicy” feel as it matures.

According to the 'Codex Alimentarius' standards, it is now considered a “fat” cheese.

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