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Ricotta pie with wild herbs

Difficulty: Medium Doses: for 4 people

300 g fresh ricotta cheese,

4 yolks of egg,

250 g of wild herbs (poppy, hops, Silene inflata called grisul or sclopìt, etc.),

1 tablespoon of white flour type 00,

3 tablespoons grated Parmesan,

250 g of wild asparagus,

1 small fresh onion,

½ glass of seed oil,


For the sauce:

100 g grated Parmesan cheese,

100 g grated aged Montasio,

250 ml of cooking cream.


The recognition of wild herbs by the less experienced is made even more difficult by the particular names that the herbs themselves take in different areas, such as - in the region- ardielut or matavilz for valerianella or by the typical names of the place. For example, 'Barbe di frari' (beard of friar) is in Friuli the scorzonera.

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