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Asìno cheese

Friuli-Venezia Giulia P.A.T. Product

It takes its name from Mount Asio and has different characteristics for the classic or soft version, which also differ from each other for the conformation and sizes of the two formats. The procedure for processing the cow's milk also varies.

The classic Asìno has a cylindrical shape with a straight edge and flat faces, with a height of 5-7cm (or even 12-15cm in some cases), an average diameter of 30-40cm and a whitish compact paste without holes or with small ones. Its taste is savoury and slightly spicy, quite pronounced.

On the other hand, soft Asìno has a square shape, with a height of 5cm and a side of 20cm and has a creamy, spreadable, milky-white paste without holes. The taste is classic and more delicate.

The classic and soft Asìno cheeses are also called classic and soft salted cheese from Friuli, formadi salmistrà and formàio furlàn.

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