The treasure of every land is the history of its products

De gusto products

In promoting the agri-food products of the territory, De gusto highlights their characteristics, but also illustrates their deep connection with the culture of the place, because every fruit of the earth is the result of traditions, even centuries-old, and every flavour derives from the daily work of those who know and always choose the best. Appreciating a product is a matter of time: time spent by those who have made it grow and those who wants to know it. 

The products

Since ancient times, the primary need to always satisfy personal nutritional requirements has taught mankind how to transform the fruits of the earth and the hunt preys into foods that can be preserved over time. Throughout history, therefore, humans have selected peculiarities that have given rise to products diversified according to the climatic and cultural conditions of a specific geographical area. Over time, these products have played an important role in the eating habits of the population, both as usual dishes and celebratory preparations, which today are counted among the “traditional” or “typical” products.

A traditional agri-food product (P.A.T.) is characterized by well-defined features, which mainly derive from the food tradition and culture of a population that, throughout history, has identified a certain food as an enhancement and conservation of poor or unappetizing raw materials. Therefore, at the origin of a P.A.T. product there is always a long history, and it is precisely with a view to protecting and conserving this precious heritage of tradition and culture that a Ministerial Decree was drawn up. The latter led each Region to make a list of traditional agri-food products and keep it constantly updated.

Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) - List of P.A.T.

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