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Stuffed rabbit

Difficulty: Hard Doses: for 4 people

1 boneless rabbit in the central part (spine and ribs) weighing approximately 1 kg and 300 g,

100 g minced veal pulp,

100 g minced pork loin,

50 g of raw ham,

50 g of sausage,

20 g of dried mushrooms,

1 onion,

2 tablespoons of cooking cream,

the crumb of 1 bread roll,

1 glass of milk,

1 egg,

1 teaspoon chopped parsley,

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,

20 g of butter,

1 tablespoon vegetable broth,




The European domestic rabbit comes from the wild rabbit, diffused since ancient times in all the zones where they abounded herbs, roots, berries. The real domestication was the work of French monks; subsequently the selections led to the creation of meat specimens appreciated for their tasty taste.

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