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Radìc di bosc, di mont e di glaz

Difficulty: Medium Doses: for 4 people

1 kg of radìc di mont

1 litre of white wine,

½ litre of white vinegar,

½ stick of cinnamon,

5 cloves,

½ glass of extra virgin olive oil,


5 grains of black pepper,

2 leaves of laurel.


Typical preparation of the Carnic tradition, the radìc di mont (or of bosc or glaz) (radicchio of mountain, or of wood or of ice) is a very rare plant of brown-green colour, which grows in the woods in the high mountains. It has filiform buds with a bitter taste, ideal to accompany "salada" meat, roe deer ham, speck and smoked Sauris ham with juniper.

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